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We spent 3 weeks in October in the Caribbean. We discovered a few of the Grenadines and Grenada. 

VoilĂ  some tips, especially on transport and accommodation.


  1. Nice photos, but you seem to have missed the real beauty of these islands. Instead of immersing yourself in the culture of the islands...and yes, all of these islands DO HAVE their own unique culture, despite your claim that there is no culture to speak of... instead of getting to know the people, sampling local food, enjoying the natural scenery, and learning a bit of each islands' history, you spent a lot of your energy bargaining down prices and expecting locals to bend over backwards to meet YOUR needs and expectations. Expecting to pay $50 for a hotel room for 2 persons that has modern amenities is unrealistic in the Caribbean. Oh well, there you go, I guess that is the only useful tip from your blog.

    And please don’t mislead potential visitors with inaccurate info, there are many things to see and do in Grenada, and in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Anyone who reads a guidebook and does proper planning prior to their visit would know this.

  2. Grenada Holidays is one of the most beautiful experience that I ever had during my holiday escapade.

  3. My friend from St. Lucia says the Grenadines are his choice for the best Caribbean vacation.

  4. yea really....beautiful photos with a dry droll dialog beside them whinging about money and food...if you explore a bit deeper you will find wonderful food and wonderful people...who, by the way, also have to pay the same prices as you in the stores, so try and think of that when you are haggling with them

  5. why leave home if all you care about is $$$
    and while you're at it...remember that the people who live on these islands have to pay the same prices as you in the grocery store...try and think of that when you are haggling with them

    that said..the beauty of the grenadines is that it has its own special way of filtering out the non-belongers...i guess you were one of them

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